Melanora, founded in 2020, is a streetwear brand for the people of the African diaspora.

Melanora comes from combining the words:

Melanin and Umbra (Latin for Shade)

Shades of Melanin


So why even create this brand?


Back in 2015, I got into the streetwear scene.

I noticed a lot of brands were making clothing that was influenced by Japanese culture.

Several months later, I started to see other brands popping up that drew influence from other cultures.

Being a Nigerian American, I started looking for brands revolving around African culture to buy from. I assumed there were a few brands out there.

I didn't really see anything I liked, to be honest with you...

So, I told myself one day I would start a brand.

Here we are 5 years later...

I finally decided to take that leap of faith and start Melanora. We'll see how this goes and hopefully, you stay for the journey.


You're probably thinking to yourself "Well, this page is really informal.."

I know.

I'm an informal person.



Founder of Melanora